How do I take care of my tattoo

how do I take care of my tattoo


On the day of your tattoo, you have to be in good shape

Eat good before you come for a tattoo.

You will feel better, and your body can stand more.

Be relaxed.

Never drink alcohol before you come to your tattoosession, it thinners your blood.

You have to be in a physical and mental healthy state.

If you are concerned about anything, first talk to a doctor about it.

You have to fill in a paper, so communicate honest about anything concerning your health.

Tattoo is all about hygiene, come clean to your appointment please!


Your fresh new tattoo needs a lot of care.

The better you take care of your tattoo, the better it will look.

We advise you to hydrate your tattoo 4 times a day, with a good cream. Please tell us wich cream you will be using.

3 hours after your tattoo is done, you take a shower. Be careful your water is not too hot, as it will burn. Don't stay too long under the water.

Gently wash your tattoo, preferable with anti-bacterial soap.

When you are out of the shower, let it dry by air.

Put your cream on.

A good advise is to wear 100% cotton clothes, this breathes and will help the healing of your tattoo.

Always wash your hands before you touch your tattoo.

Don't take baths, don't swimm, don't stand under the sun before your tattoo is totally healed!

If you took good care, and you need a little touch up, you can come and make 1 free appointement, if we agree it is needed.

Some places of the body have more risk of fading than others.

We sometimes prefer second skin as after care, check 'dermalize pro' for extra info. If you have an allergy for plasters, we don't advise this aftercare for you. Please use Cicaplast or Bepanthol!!!