Please come to your appointment alone - we are not allowed to have extra people into the shop. No waiting area may be provided. Safety first!!!

Be on time for your appointment, not early nor late!

An employee will open the door for you. We ONLY work by appointment and with closed doors.

Appointments are only made by email with the artist. Appointments are no longer made in the shop. No walkins possible.

Stay home if you are ill or have symptoms. If in doubt, no access to the shop.

Please come with your own mouthmask. If for some reason you don’t have one, we can provide you, but we prefer you to come inside with your own mask already on.

You do not touch your hands when entering the shop. Social distancing must also be respected as much as possible.

Disinfect your hands before entering the shop. We will provide the necessary resources for this at the front of the shop! These must be worn when entering the salon! 

Personal items such as mobile phone, wallet, car keys, etc ... should be stored together in a plastic bag on the floor and not on our furniture.

You will also be asked to wait in the disinfected waiting area until the artist disinfects the tattoo area and has prepared everything. After that you can take a seat and you can only touch the tattoo chair.

Pay as much as possible via Bancontact / Visa / Mastercard. This is the safest way for everyone.

Due to too high risk of contamination and the constant removal of your masks we do not serve drinks and food is not allowed.

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